35 films en 1 minute

Par amélie :: 30/09/2010 à 19:11 :: films d animation
Défi de fin de semaine : retrouver les 35 films/chefs d'œuvres stylisés dans ce film d'animation / superbe travail ! / les éléments de réponses trouvés sur le net sont plus bas.

35mm from Felix Meyer on Vimeo.

© crédits : • Concept / Layout: Sarah Biermann, Torsten Strer, Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco • Animation: Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco • Son: Torsten Strer

1. singing in the rain (rain of musical notes)
2. titanic (iceberg)
3. jaws (fin to teeth)
4. full metal jacket (blood splattered peace symbol)
5. psycho (blood down the drain)
6. nine and a half weeks? (red dress strip)
7. gold rush (table ballet)
8. Wizard of Oz (shoe click)
9. night on earth (signs of 5 taxis in 5 towns)
10. one flew over the cuckoos nest (nest with odd egg)
11. Zelig? (hats on the shelves, clarinet )
12. Snow White (apple and hat seeds)
13. comming down/ malcom x (glasses + raffic noise)
14. blues brothers (sun glasses)
15. terminator (sun glasses with red eye)
16. star wars (stormtrooper)
17. pulp fiction (the case)
18. sister act ??? /jesus christ superstar??? (cross smiley)
19. the exorcist (upside down cross and music)
20. north by northwest ? (grid and plane leaving)
22. simsons the movie ou Toy Story (blinky the three eyed fish)
23. fight club (soap)
24. clockwork orange (eye w/ makeup and clockwork and orange)
25. lost in translation (20 -24 hr clock.)
26. Lost Highway (headlights and road )
27. taxi driver (shaving hair on left and right, leving a mohawk hairstyle)
28. The Tramp ( Chaplin) (Hat, ‘tache and cane)
29. the dictator (red circle and square)
30. rear window (shutters and binoculars)
31. ? (rooms and heart and I’m really reaching)
32. Tin drum (Drum)
33. Nosferatu (Dripping fangs)
34. battleship potemkin (or Untouchables) (Stairs and pram)
35. apollo 13 (Rocket to the moon)
36. Easy Rider (Stars and Stripes highway)